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Drs. Weinstein and James both speak regularly on a range of topics related to teens and technology, including to audiences of professionals, parents, educators, and students. Talks are tailored to audience interests, typically blending current data with actionable insights, compelling stories, and interactive features that will engage and empower your community.

Our speaking topics include:

Behind Their Screens: What Teens Are Facing (And Adults Are Missing)

A book talk that’s as timely as they come. Learn the key tech challenges relevant to today’s teens and how developmental science can transform the way you think and intervene to support teens.

Teaching for Digital Life

An educator-focused training on key dilemmas relevant to students. Learn about the dispositions-based approach to digital citizenship that James and Weinstein developed with Common Sense Education for their award-winning curriculum. Optional deep dive into original thinking routines for digital habits, social-emotional issues with tech, and/or digital civic dilemmas designed directly for classroom practice.

Reimagine - and Reset - Digital Habits (Now!)

It can feel like the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to tech habits. But no matter how entrenched they seem, it’s not too late to reboot routines and empower healthier tech habits. Learn why screen time limits fall short, and how strategic “experiments” can leverage scientific insights to unlock buy-in and better habits. (This talk and workshop can be geared to helping teens/families reset tech habits; it’s also apt for helping adults reconsider their own tech routines in the context of personal lives, professional work, and/or parenting.)

Connecting with GenZ

Ideal for professional groups who are interested in bridging generational gaps to better understand and reach teens growing up with unprecedented tech access. Learn how teen advisory can refocus your work, and explore some of the pain points most relevant to today’s teens. Optional interactive dive into co-design methods with youth.

Hot Topics for Teens and Tech

Our research covers a range of timely topics related to digital life, including sexting, civic participation, online conflicts and drama, and more. We can deliver a talk that offers a deep dive into a topic of particular interest or urgency in your community.